The European Cyber Conflict Research Incubator CIC (ECCRI CIC) advances the interdisciplinary study of the impact of digital and emerging technologies on global affairs, in Europe and beyond. ECCRI CIC exists to conduct, facilitate and promote research and education on these issues for policymakers, industry, civil society, and the general public.

ECCRI CIC is a UK community interest or not-for-profit company (CIC), with its assets tied to the European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI), a UK registered charity. The Initiative also encourages and supports high-quality original research, enabling researchers to communicate their findings to policymakers and the general public. The Initiative runs a wide range of projects, from small writing workshops to larger conferences, where scholars and practitioners can discuss the latest developments.

ECCRI CIC and the Initiative are administratively and legally independent, although they are directed by the same people. More specifically, ECCRI CIC is connected to the Initiative because its founding articles nominate the Initiative as its compulsory “asset-locked body”, meaning in the event of ECCRI CIC’s dissolution all its assets pass to the Initiative.