ECCRI CIC launches the Cyber Education Pathways Initiative

The Cyber Education Pathways Initiative is an unprecedented drive to build enduring cybersecurity capabilities worldwide, focusing particularly on countries and regions with limited current opportunities for such education. To learn more about how you can participate or to apply, please reach out to us at

The Cyber Education Pathways Initiative (CEPI) is a comprehensive cybersecurity education program designed to enhance the knowledge and practical skills of both instructors and students. It is especially suitable for countries with fast-growing technology sectors but where young people have limited opportunities to engage in cybersecurity education.

Developed and managed by the European Cyber Conflict Research Incubator (ECCRI CIC), this tiered program develops skills progressively over three years: foundational knowledge in the first year, intermediate concepts in the second year, and advanced topics in the third year.

CEPI targets university students, tailoring its courses to meet the specific needs of the cybersecurity industry. Every course is recognized with a certification, contributing to students’ professional qualifications and career development. The curriculum includes core components relevant for all future cybersecurity practitioners, as well as specific adaptations to address the needs and contexts of specific countries.

CEPI collaborates closely with international organizations and local universities on program support and implementation, including providing physical spaces for teaching and developing connections to a strong network of local industry and civil society partners. This cooperation is central to the reach and effectiveness of the initiative, ensuring it meets local needs while maintaining global standards.

The initiative addresses a crucial gap in existing cybersecurity capacity-building efforts, which often prioritize short-term gains and therefore can lack a cumulative and sustainable approach. Through its long-term, career-based education model focused on young people, CEPI deepens a country’s cybersecurity capacities over multiple years, raising global standards of cybersecurity education.

Furthermore, CEPI combines in-person and online learning, providing students with access to a wide range of high-quality online resources covering a broad spectrum of cybersecurity topics. This hybrid approach ensures flexibility and prioritizes accessibility, accommodating a variety of learning preferences and situations.